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Schroeder Law Group is devoted to serving the people of southwestern Ohio throughout Brown, Clermont, Adams and Highland counties. Helping people, businesses and nonprofit corporations get from where they are to where God wants them to be is our mission.

If you are looking for straight answers delivered in clear, direct language then look no further.  We work with distressed homeowners, real estate agents, families, small businesses, nonprofit leaders and municipal governments to meet all of their legal needs.

The Schroeder Law Group has gained a reputation for its approachability and responsiveness. Attorney Jim Schroeder is committed to helping people with their legal needs and providing real answers that everyone can understand.

Are you sick of waiting days or weeks to hear back from your attorney, no matter how much you pay or how many messages you leave? The Schroeder Law Group prides itself on swift attention to client needs. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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In order for an organization to succeed, there must be good leadership. And for nonprofits specifically, leadership is especially important as there are often unique challenges that can only be solved with exceptional leadership. With expert nonprofit leadership guidance provided by us, you can ensure your nonprofit is sound, efficient, and committed to delivering the kind of work that makes the world better for everyone. Whether you need help with board composition, bylaws, incorporation, or 501c3 recognition, our nonprofit legal experts can be there to provide best-in-class advisement, strategies, and coaching. Ensure your nonprofit doesn’t hit any legal bumps in the road and contact the Schroeder Law Group today.

We know you don’t want to talk about your death and the estate disposition that follows. But one of the best things you can do for your family and loved ones is to leave an organized, properly planned estate that ensures their protection and sustenance. At Schroeder Law Group, with many years of experience and garnered repute in the practice, we provide comprehensive wills, trusts and estate planning services. We go past generic law practice and establish deep personal connections with our clients to understand what you want and prepare the most befitting estate plan. Our estate planning services include living trust, family trusts, irrevocable trusts preparation, probate issues and will contests, private foundations, charitable planning, guardianships and living wills.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, considering a short sale, or concerned about your mortgage or foreclosure, something you inevitably need is reliable legal advice and expertise. Too often, people get lost in all the complications of federal laws, state and local laws and regulations on real estate. With precise expertise on real estate practice, Schroeder Law Group offers a personalized approach to your real estate transactions. We make sure your deal closures are successful, your real estate disputes are handled professionally, and that any settlements or litigation is done with your best interest.

Navigating the world of Probate and Trust Administration is foreign to most people.  Usually a person is chosen to settle probate or administrate a loved one's Trust because they are known as an honest and fair individual, not necessarily the most familiar with accounting or Court forms.  Let us help you through the novel issues and make sure you don't make an honest mistake that will further complicate or frustrate the Court or beneficiaries.  Professional services can be paid from the proceeds of the Estate, not out of your pocket as the Executor/Trustee.

Most businesses have great ideas and produce goods and materials that the market wants.  So why do they fail? Proper planning at the beginning including the right business entity and operating agreements remove conflict and save time as the business grows.  Policies and procedures keep you and your employees out of Court and conflict so everyone can focus on building gross profit.  Vendors, Marketing Agreements, Accounts Receivable, these things can build or bust a business.  Schroeder Law is unique because we own businesses and have run businesses other than the law firm.  In fact Jim currently owns and operates an auto repair garage and other businesses through partnerships.  We know how important it is to have the legal locked down so the profits don't run away!

Schroeder Law Group represents clients in the above areas.

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