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  • Jim Schroeder

Keeping a Sense of Wonder

There is a great old country song sung by Lee Anne Womack called “I hope you dance” that has a line that says, “I hope you never lose your sense of wonder”.  Last night I met a person who reminded me how important that is.

Last night I flew back into Cincinnati after a week working and speaking at out of town engagements.  The pilot in his comments talked about how both flight attendants were experienced and two of his favorites. The flight attendant working in my part of the plane had a great attitude, was very professional and made the flight a bit more enjoyable for all she served.

As we made our final approach, I snapped a picture.  I noticed that the flight attendant had jumped into the seat in front of me and was also taking a picture.  She noticed I was looking at her, turned and smiled, saying “It never gets old.”

This morning I cannot help but think about and appreciate her attitude.  Many people lose the spark in their eyes about what drew them to their careers.  This flight attendant after hundreds of approaches has not lost the spark, the wonder of flying across the sky and meeting new people every day.  People notice.  I noticed.  The pilot noticed and I think just about everyone in her section noticed.

I hope that I can keep the spark in my eye helping people get from where they are in life to where God wants them to be.  I enjoy speaking one on one with clients, helping groups, churches and businesses work more proficiently and speaking to groups of people, encouraging them to move forward toward their purpose.  I love being around people who have that spark, they have a positive impact.

If I can help you keep or regain that spark, let me know how I can help.

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